Millennial Gal is Born

4:00 AM

Why, hello!

My name is Sandy. I am a 20-something marketing professional who lives in sunny Florida with my black lab and boyfriend. I have a penchant for food, beauty, fashion, decor, wellness, and wanderlust. I watch the Food Network and HGTV religiously and strongly believe that any problem can be solved with a good laugh and a glass of rosé.

Well, enough about me already! Let's move on to why I'm even sharing these fun facts about myself.

I have wanted to start a blog since I graduated from college in the spring of 2013. But, I have put it off, due to equal parts procrastination and fear. I am finally ready to share my thoughts and passions with the rest of the world through Millennial Gal.

Millennial Gal was pondered in June 2013, conceived in June 2014, and will finally be born in June 2015.

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