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Have you ever been stuck in a beauty or hair rut? As you can see in the before photo above (left), I most definitely was! About a month ago, I had my hair professionally cut and colored for the first time in over a decade. Crazy...I know. Why did I wait so long? Well, I had an extremely traumatic and terrible salon experience ten years ago (in New Jersey) that resulted in a cut similar to a mullet. After that, I resorted to cutting and coloring my hair at home.

It only took me ten years and countless battles with boxed haircolor, but I finally realized that my hair was damaged and drab. I knew that I needed to put my locks in the hands of a professional and luckily stumbled upon Frangipani Hair Studio on Instagram.

I was completely wowed by their stylists' body of work. Their Instagram is composed of hundreds of photos of happy clients with flawless cuts, gorgeous balayage, beachy waves, and perfectly shaped brows. Don't believe me? Check out their Instagram or Pinterest for yourself!

I made my appointment a month in advance and spent every other day debating if I should cancel it. My coworkers and boyfriend convinced me to keep my appointment, and I am SO glad that they did.

When I walked into Frangipani Hair Studio, I was equal parts excited and terrified. But, the friendly employees and cool atmosphere instantly put me at ease. The salon itself is beautiful: the perfect blend of modern and chic. (I especially loved the West Elm chandeliers that were above the shampoo stations.)

After waiting for only a few minutes, I was warmly greeted by my stylist, Holly. She gave me a very thorough consultation and made sure that I completely understood everything that she was going to be doing to my hair. A couple of hours of great conversation and many, many foils later, Holly unveiled my new look.

I was totally floored! Never once have I loved my new look instantly. Usually there are those awkward few days (or weeks) of trying to adjust to your new look. Not this time! I graciously thanked Holly for the fabulous new look and terrific experience, and next I was off to have my brows done by Cortney.

Cortney was equally friendly and thorough. There's always that little bit of fear that you're going to look in the mirror and have prison brows, but I felt safe in Corntey's hands. I had gone quite some time without having my brows waxed and was hoping to achieve a better brow shape. Cortney definitely delivered! The experience was quick and painless, just as it should be.

I left Frangipani Hair Studio feeling absolutely beautiful and renewed. What girl doesn't want to feel like that when she leaves the salon?! I will definitely be returning. When you find a good stylist and salon, never let them go! And, learn from my mistake of waiting a decade to have my hair professionally cut and colored.

The next time that you need a new look, have a special event, or just want to treat yourself, give them a call.

Frangipani Hair Studio is an industry leader and an Aveda Lifestyle Salon located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Check out their website and social media platforms (linked above). What are you waiting for?!

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  1. I just visited Frangipani and I love my new color! I had Katie and she took such great care of me. She even stopped me from getting up to shape my bangs a little more! It made me feel like she really cared about the end 'product'. Also, they told me the salon had been open for 13 years now--Great business!